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85% of small businesses say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal.
Increasing the quality of leads is the top priority for 68% of local businesses.

What is Rank & Bank?

Rank & Bank is a complete lead generation system designed by Moneta Strategies. A Rank & Bank website is a system that uses SEO and keyword-rich websites, as well as fully optimized GMB profiles to generate leads for local businesses. Rank & Bank lead generation websites can be used to increase the number of email addresses and phone number submissions a local business receives. These systems focus on customer acquisition, lead capture, and lead management for local businesses. Our strategy of ranking a local website to gather potential customers’ contact information and convert them into paying customers is a bulletproof system designed and custom-tailored to each business, which allows businesses to increase call volume without having to sacrifice or compromise on their branding and company websites. Local lead generation is an online business practice that entails driving potential customers to your website. This procedure has the customer do all the leg work for you by submitting their information online, which allows a business to contact the customer based on their interests.

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Rank & Bank local lead generation

Local lead generation refers to generating local businesses in a specific radius from the company’s location. Local lead generation is a marketing strategy that focuses on improving search engine ranking and driving revenue in service areas for local businesses. This type of marketing strategy often targets lead nurturing, relationship building, and customer retention in order to be more effective in the early stages of customer engagement. There are many advantages to implementing a local lead generation campaign, including its focusing on hyper-relevant content for specific areas and increased contact with prospective clients outside office hours. The term “local” refers to any potential customer who can reasonably be reached by driving 20 minutes or less from your facilities, without traveling beyond the region where you serve customers at all. Having an understanding of their specific needs and challenges helps sales professionals identify suitable solutions quickly. But more importantly, they are usually closer to your business than other types of prospects, making them more likely to buy on impulse if they decide they need what you offer. Our Rank & Bank strategy utilizes SEO best practices and GMB optimization to create a solid, lead-generating website and system that dominates local SEO rankings, diminishes competition for leads, and contributes to local business growth and scalability by creating less leg work for business owners, and easier access for potential customers.

How does Rank & Bank work?

With our Rank & Bank lead generation strategy, a business owner can sit back, relax, and focus on scaling their business while Moneta Strategies handles the heavy lifting. We design, build and optimize a high-performance website and Google My Business (GMB) profile, complete with fully optimized content, images, and metadata that is geared specifically toward the industry, rank them in the search engines, and use this network to funnel high-quality leads with the intent to buy directly to business owners. Instead of sporadically placing ads and hoping for the best, Moneta Strategies utilizes our expert understanding of local SEO and website design to place your business directly in front of the people who are actively searching for that service already. This strategy is a fantastic way to minimize a business’ ad spend, maximize their ROI and eliminate the struggle of trying to learn SEO, run ads, and handle marketing on top of running a business. Rank & Bank is simply one more option that can be added to the tool belt of any business, and enable a business owner to focus more on the most important parts of a business, such as customer relations, without the stressful demands that are required of a high-functioning online presence. Let the experts do the heavy lifting.

What are the benefits of Rank & Bank?

Leads, or potential customers, are the most expensive form of acquisition. Lead generation is an important step in a marketing campaign because leads can provide qualified prospects that could be converted into business. Focused lead generation strategies help businesses know who to target and reach with their company’s products. Our Rank & Bank strategy allows business owners to tack on a new avenue for customer acquisition without having to do any extra work. It can be troublesome, time-consuming, and frustrating to try and redesign and optimize a company website without sacrificing some of the elements of design and branding on the current site. That is why Moneta Strategies encourages customers to seek out our Rank & Bank option. With this package, a business owner can leave their current site as is, while tacking on extra avenues for lead generation that funnel directly to the business owner, without having to do any extra leg work to obtain these customers. Our Rank & Bank lead generation system can cut out other forms of marketing like PPC ads which are bloated with spam or unqualified prospects. This helps to minimize time wasted and also offers continuity by ensuring that the quality of leads is as high as possible. Understanding how to generate leads has proven extremely beneficial for local businesses as it creates the necessary means of interacting with potential customers successfully and converting those prospects into paying clients. Fortunately, the experts at Moneta Strategies have the skill sets and expertise to execute this strategy flawlessly.

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What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is someone who has determined that they are interested in learning more about your product or service, and who you want to interact with. What this means in practice though is somewhat different for each company. For local businesses, a qualified lead is someone that has exhibited an interest in a product or service the business offers that is close by and has the intent to purchase. It’s the potential customer who took the time to submit a contact form, make a phone call or email you with an inquiry asking for more information about your product or service. A qualified lead is someone who has an interest in your product or service but is not yet committed. This person typically may have some knowledge about the company, but still needs to be introduced or has questions regarding the service. The benefits of targeting these leads are that they usually are ready to spend money for the service, and companies will spend less money per customer to acquire them. Minimizing the cost of customer acquisition is a significant contributing factor to business growth and success because it saves money, and allows resources to be allocated elsewhere. This is one of the primary benefits of utilizing our Rank & Bank strategy.

How to generate qualified leads with Rank & Bank

Internet leads are a hot commodity these days. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need leads to grow their customer base, and that means generating more leads, whose quality remains a key point of focus. It’s simple to generate leads online as long as marketers know how to target their audience with the right offers, increase ease of access to online profiles, and maximize the benefits of those efforts. Many factors contribute to generating qualified leads for a business, including utilizing high-quality keywords with the most engaging headlines will make it easier for searchers to find your webpage and contact you. It is important to build an appropriate site that is loaded with content that prospects are looking for, and mirror this content to accurately reflect the same information on your Google My Business profile as well. By analyzing keywords, audience profiles, and potential segments, it is possible to determine how people find you and what steps they take or don’t take for conversion. Our Rank & Bank package takes care of all of this for you. Our all-inclusive, custom-tailored lead generation strategy covers all these points and can generate more qualified leads by leveraging the most successful acquisition channels for a business to target.

Lead generation for lasting results

If your lead generation method relies solely on advertising expenditures, then you are not covering all your bases in terms of targeting prospects that are most likely to be interested in buying from your company. Many business owners jump straight to expensive forms of paid advertising without realizing just how much money is being left on the table by not optimizing every free avenue that is available first. There are many different types of lead generation avenues that Moneta Strategies uses simultaneously to maximize the chance a business has for generating quality leads. In order to maximize the effectiveness of a lead generation campaign, it’s important to follow an all-inclusive approach to make sure the business gets the most out of what is put in. An effective marketing strategy that places businesses right in front of customers who are actively searching for their services is one of the most effective methods to build a lasting income stream. Quality leads will create an increased customer base and revenue, that will last for years to come.

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