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Businesses in the USA receive 26% of their views from Maps results.
Local businesses receive 94% of calls from GMB between Monday and Friday.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free service from Google that helps local businesses claim and manage their online presence across the Google ecosystem, including search and maps. Your business information automatically appears when someone searches in a business category relevant to your company in Google search results. Online search (and specifically Google) dominates how consumers find your business or service on the web. It’s crucial that your local business not only has a website but also an established, strong online profile for this reason.
With Google My Business, it is easy to create a complete digital presence for your business on Google with just one account. A business can also show off some of the newest services offered by uploading pictures of the work performed and keeping a consistent avenue for establishing rapport with customers. Having Google My Business is important for local business owners who rely on online reviews for clientele. Local businesses can gain increased visibility in Google’s top search results, give more information about a business to potential customers online, enable customers to view your company’s social media accounts and review pages directly from the profile page, and even conduct business directly. Moneta Strategies understands exactly how to navigate this process and ensure that your GMB is optimized for the best results!

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What is the purpose of Google My Business?

The search engine optimization for Google My Business provides companies with an easy way to promote their business online in fresh and engaging formats across the Google Network. Organic search rankings in Google’s organic search results are mainly determined by relevance, authority, information-rich content, value to searchers, user experience (for both desktop and mobile), and how close it is connecting users with what they searched for. With 97% of people turning to the internet when looking for businesses like yours, your business needs a strong presence on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google My Business provides a simple, free, and quick way to manage your business’ information on Google. You can make changes to aspects of your business’s presence on Google—such as the hours you operate or the menu items you offer—at any time. In particular, an owner of a local retail store might use Google Maps to establish their location information and start drawing correspondingly accurate foot traffic from those who are searching for that business specifically.

How do you use Google My Business?

Google My Business helps local businesses by showing more accurate, consistent information about their business to customers on Google Search. This applies primarily to the “local” part of Google’s service that’s been around for years. In essence, it gives your business a much better chance of being found by customers when they’re looking for your products or services in the future. As people’s lives become increasingly mobile, it can be challenging for them to find your store or business if the location isn’t broadly searched. Google My Business solves this problem by helping you reach more potential customers in your area and listing your online information on maps with a comprehensive profile. This means that when someone searches “Denver Digital Marketing,” they’ll see listings for local businesses right up front, including the phone number and website. And if they click on one of those listings, they’ll automatically see all the relevant information about that business—including directions from where they’re searching now. Google aims to provide information to a searcher based on the location that they search from, so having your GMB optimized can help drive significant amounts of potential customers that would otherwise be unaware of the service they are searching to use. Moneta Strategies and our team of experts can provide high-quality guidance on how to optimize this profile so that customers find your business first.

Is Google My Business worth it?

Yes, Google My Business is worth it for many businesses. After all, your business cannot be found on Google if it isn’t verified and promoted as a local business with a page on Google Maps. Most local businesses say that having an online presence boosts their SEO rankings. That is because they believe that more company information is available via the internet for search engines to cross-compare and verify. Google My Business can help you rank higher online and boost your sales over time by helping customers find you quicker than ever before. As much as 50–70% of a local business’ organic traffic conversions can come from being located in the Top 3 GMB Map Pack, so it is very obvious how valuable it can be for a local business to have a well-optimized, high-performing Google My Business profile.

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What is GMB optimization?

Google My Business Optimization is the process of optimizing a business listing to achieve higher click-through rates and getting a listing optimized on Google for a set of key terms relevant to your business. This allows you to show up in Google where it matters most – in front of potential customers! Our trained SEO experts are skilled in getting you closer to the coveted first page rankings so that potential customers will find you when searching for businesses like yours. Up to 90% of searchers won’t bother looking past page one, and a staggering 50-70% of a business’ organic conversions will come from being located in the Top 3 Map Pack, due to the fact that most people will click the first link they find. Google My Business Optimization is SEO focused on the structure and presentation of your Google My Business page. The goal is to get your location at the top of SERPs for geographic searches related to your local business. Some of the key steps include optimizing the summary section accurately, detailing reviews right on your page, directly engaging with customers via reviews and getting reviews from happy customers, identifying keywords you want to rank for in search, posting lots of relevant photos, and using rich snippets prominently on your business information.

How is a GMB profile optimized?

The process for optimizing a GMB can vary depending on the industry and its competitors, but generally speaking, first, conduct keyword research locally to find some search phrases that are relevant to the business, and then do a content audit of the GMB’s top-ranking pages by reviewing their page titles, meta-headers, categories, and keywords that they rank for in Maps. The major goals of optimizing a GMB are driving traffic from specific high-volume searches with intent, capturing leads through conversion optimization, and increasing customer and client satisfaction. Once you’ve identified the keywords that are relevant to your business, you can begin correctly naming and posting your photos, creating engaging posts and compelling offers for customers, and stacking posts to ensure that your website is always linked to and easy to reach. It is also important to note that a trustworthy, authoritative list of citations for the business is a necessary part of the process. Without a list of citations that Google can crawl to establish the presence of a business, the chances of ranking in the Top 3 for Google My Business can dwindle. There are several factors to optimize, including title tags, keywords, meta-descriptions, links for inbound links, and outbound links. Proper utilization of all these elements will often boost your ranking on Google Maps. Following this process will not only result in higher ranking results but also increase the time GMBs spend at the top of Google’s SERP pages. This increased ranking is important since it has been found that a GMB that is ranked 20th or worse in the search results is viewed 33% less than those ranked among the first five results.

Optimizing a Google My Business the right way

By building a high-quality list of citations for a business and spreading out the business information across multiple directories online, Google can verify the existence of a business much more easily and begin to use it as a result for search queries that potential customers may use. There are 3 essential things you should be doing to optimize your GMB. First, provide accurate and up-to-date information throughout your profile. Relevant data is something that Google loves. Next, keep Google happy by maintaining a high-quality site, relevant content, and a good reputation with customers. Lastly, ensure that you maintain relations with customers on the profile and seek 5-star reviews to help boost your authority. This includes optimizing the description of images on image optimization for SEO with keywords, creating video or blog posts that mention you in some way about an area relevant to what you offer, and using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The more backlinks from highly respected sites such as these social media platforms that point at your website, the more trust and authority you will begin to build with Google, which results in better rankings.

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